EUR/USD 1.16443 10:15 21.07 GBP/USD 1.30072 10:00 21.07 GOLD VS SILVER 76.1142 10:00 21.07 EUR/USD 1.16469 10:00 21.07 TATA STEEL 551.650 10:00 21.07 EUR/GBP 0.89539 10:00 21.07 USD/JPY 111.696 09:45 21.07 EUR/USD 1.16445 09:30 21.07 EUR/GBP 0.89660 09:00 21.07 GOLD 1247.520 08:30 21.07 AUD/USD 0.79065 08:30 21.07 EUR/USD 1.16402 08:30 21.07 OIL-SEP17 (BRENT) 49.485 08:15 21.07 EUR/USD 1.16438 08:15 21.07 AUD/USD 0.79013 08:00 21.07 EUR/USD 1.16388 08:00 21.07 EUR/JPY 130.252 07:30 21.07 S.BANK INDIA 290.450 07:00 21.07 MITSUBISHI MOTORS 774.500 06:00 21.07 KOSPI 321.36 06:00 21.07 NISSAN MOTOR 1136.2500 06:00 21.07 USD/JPY 111.965 05:15 21.07 BITCOIN 2762.583 05:00 21.07 CAD/JPY 88.865 05:00 21.07 USD/JPY 111.935 05:00 21.07 ANZ BANK 30.115 05:00 21.07 ASX F-MAR17 5672.500 05:00 21.07 GOLD 1244.890 04:30 21.07 COMMONWEALTH BANK 84.280 04:10 21.07 BITCOIN 2724.333 04:00 21.07




Indices like the Dow Jones or S&P 500 is no longer limited to the professionals, you can now transact with the largest range of indices with BinaryBook. Be it Japanese, German, American or British, you will be provided with a vast number of popular and powerful indices to trade on. Grab the opportunities that the international financial markets are offering and maximize returns on investment.

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Trade Stocks with BinaryBook


For novice traders, this might be one of the simplest ways of trading Apple, Google, Facebook and other stocks in various countries. Trading stocks with fundamentals is very popular amongst Wall Street traders, as any release for those companies might lead to high price change on this brand’s market, giving traders high opportunities to place transactions in a short time level and be able quickly get their return on investment.

Stocks Trading with BinaryBook

Commodities trading with BinaryBook


Commodities consisting of Gold, Silver and Platinum are probably the easiest asset to trade on any market, with their high volatility and their ever increasing value. Trading commodities with binary options has never been so easy, as price predictions for ever valuable assets are constantly on the move, allowing you to place both call or put trades and be in the money.

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Currency Trading with BinaryBook


Currency trading is the largest asset traded worldwide, offering the most lucrative opportunities and it becomes even easier with binary options. A currency asset normally exists into pairs whereby you can trade one currency value against another. For instance, if you wish to trade the USD/JPY currency pair, you only need to predict which currency value will go or down. Trade currencies with BinaryBook and get access to zero commissions’ services, high-end trading platform and much more.

Trade Currencies with BinaryBook

Asset Index of BinaryBook


Get a detailed explanation of all financial instruments available on BinaryBook. The trading hours will give you an indication of the opening hours of the markets for the specific underlying assets. This will enable you to have precise information over your preferred asset and consequently forecast on which assets you can place transactions. If there are any underlying assets that you want to trade but are not available, contact our support team.

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