USD/MXN 20.317 16:00 07.12 GoPRO 9.725 16:00 07.12 WELLS FARGO 56.305 16:00 07.12 TESLA MOTORS 187.110 16:00 07.12 JOHNSON & JOHNSON 109.655 16:00 07.12 AT&T 39.895 16:00 07.12 PAYPAL 39.095 16:00 07.12 DELTA AIR LINES 49.665 16:00 07.12 Rio Tinto 3227.500 16:00 07.12 LLOYDS Bank 61.536 16:00 07.12 HSBC L 676.150 16:00 07.12 FTSE 250 17596.450 16:00 07.12 FTSE 100 6881.630 16:00 07.12 British American T 4340.250 16:00 07.12 Bp 471.380 16:00 07.12 Barclays 233.925 16:00 07.12 DOMINION DIAMOND 13.555 16:00 07.12 OIL-FEB17 (BRENT) 53.340 16:00 07.12 NZD/USD 0.71615 16:00 07.12 EUR/CHF 1.08395 16:00 07.12 TOYOTA (US) 120.585 16:00 07.12

Safety Of Funds

BinaryBook believes that both financial reliability and security are essential for successful binary options trading.

Our traders’ financial security is of sheer importance. This is why we invest ample resources to ensure that there is no misuse of funds.

At BinaryBook, we use international standards as benchmark and we use the latest security technologies on our platform.

Funds Safety

Executing financial transactions online is always a little bit worrisome, but rest assured, at BinaryBook we value your trust in us and we assure that the funds you have invested is safe. Hence, all funds at BinaryBook are kept in segregated accounts.

Segregated accounts are used to separate the customer’s funds from BinaryBook’s funds, therefore ensuring that finances can be properly identified as belonging to the customer in case of any crisis or any other events.

BinaryBook, Honesty and Transparency

Being compliant always brings clarity in a business. At BinaryBook we are stringent over Anti-Money Laundering laws and assures that all traders meet up to the requirements. We have a stainless reputation of maintaining dignifying relationships with both our clients and partners. Read our compliance procedures.

Platform Guarantee

Our traders’ information security are of absolute importance to us, and BinaryBook’s dedicated team of professionals ensure that personal details are strictly maintained with the highest level of privacy measures. All your data undergo HTTP secure web protocols ensuring no phony activities. Our platform is also PCI approved and certified.

BinaryBook is bonded under the SSL certification allowing secure sessions while traders interact with us. This certification ensures that all transactions are executed within a safe environment and that all data remain confidential.


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