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Binary Options Double-Up

Double Up Trading with BinaryBook

BinaryBook offers all traders the opportunity to double-up their profits through its Double-up feature. This unique feature enables you to potentially double your return on investment. This tool is available on BinaryBook’s trading platform up to 5 minutes before your chosen asset reaches its expiry time, giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on investment.

What happens when you click on the Double-up?

The binary options double-up tool is excellent when used in open positions you strongly believe is going to be a sure-win, as it replicates the transaction executed. This significantly improves the reward-to-risk ratio and, if used wisely, this double up strategy can enable you to capitalize on your winning trades.

For example, let’s say you buy a Call Option worth $500 at 10:00AM, speculating that the Google Inc. stock price will expire above $578.70 at 17:00PM. The Return on Investment for an accurate prediction is 120%. At 13:30PM the company publishes a positive earnings report, and therefore, you anticipate its stock will continue to go up. Confident about your 10:00AM Call Option you can then decide to Double-up with another Call Option which will have identical conditions as the original one. If your speculation goes right and the Double-up Option expires In-The-Money, you will collect $2,200 instead of $1,100.

Make sure to choose your trading account smartly in order to experience the double-up feature.

How to monitor your Doubled-up transactions?

As explained, when you choose to double-up you immediately open a similar transaction.

Executed transactions will be displayed on the ‘Open Position’ section where you can easily monitor your trades.

Want to give Double-up a try?

Binary options double-up are significantly effective in maximizing your return on investment. Nevertheless, you need to remain focused and be confident about the trades where you want to use the double-up feature.

For further information about Double-up strategies and techniques, please contact one of our expert trader who will be more than happy to assist you.


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