NINTENDO 26460.000 02:00 28.03 NZD/USD 0.70398 02:00 28.03 NIKKEI 225 VS TOSHIBA 87.665 02:00 28.03 MAZDA VS TOSHIBA 7.237 02:00 28.03 NIKKEI VS SUMITOMO MITSUI 4.563 02:00 28.03 AUD/NZD 1.08353 02:00 28.03 EUR/AUD 1.42434 02:00 28.03 CAD/JPY 82.646 02:00 28.03 NZD/JPY 77.867 02:00 28.03 AUD/USD 0.76278 02:00 28.03 AUD/JPY 84.373 02:00 28.03 RIO-AU VS BHP-AU 2.50450 02:00 28.03 KOSPI 280.93 02:00 28.03 EUR/JPY 120.171 02:00 28.03 USD/JPY 110.609 02:00 28.03 EUR/USD 1.08645 02:00 28.03 TOPIX 100 979.500 02:00 28.03 NIKKEI 225 19159.080 02:00 28.03 RIO-AU 59.795 02:00 28.03 BHP-AU 23.875 02:00 28.03 ANZ BANK 31.945 02:00 28.03 ASX F-MAR17 5796.500 02:00 28.03 NISSAN MOTOR 1131.7500 02:00 28.03 USD/SGD 1.39395 02:00 28.03 ASX 5807.300 02:00 28.03

Ladder Trading

Ladder Options with BinaryBook

The Binary Option Ladder is one of the latest features in the field of online trading. It is particularly popular amongst professional traders who have strong analytical skills and are capable of effectively analyzing market fluctuations in real-time.

When using the Binary Options Ladder, you need to predict the stage-by-stage progress of an underlying asset’s price throughout the day. If its quoted price climbs up or down the ladder according to your predictions, you will be able to earn excellent progress-based Return on Investments, with each level having a higher rate than the ones before.

This can be, on one hand, trickier than a regular binary options trade, but on the other hand, if used wisely, the ladder options can significantly reduce your investment risks.

One of its special features is that it allows you to purchase various Call and Put Options within the same position, therefore, offering a safer and more successful return on investment. Choosing the correct trading account is essential to make the most out of the trading features provided by BinaryBook.

Why trade Ladder option with BinaryBook?

  • Exceptional payouts (up to 1000%)
  • Multiple price levels and expiry times; different choice
    of time frames
  • A wide range of ROI rates and risk/reward rations
  • A realistic trading experience
    (replicating real-time price movements)

How to execute a transaction with the ladder

  • Select the Ladder option over the trading platform
  • Choose your preferred expiry time and your
    investment amount
  • The tad difference with ladder trading is that you are
    confronted with different price levels, select among
    the price levels, speculating whether they will go
    ‘Above’ or ‘Below.’
  • Monitor your transactions on the ‘Open Position’ section

Want to climb new heights with Ladders?

Basically, ladder option trading are offered primarily to experienced traders and novices who have basic to professional knowledge of financial markets and price movements.

If you have never tried this trading tool before, we strongly recommend you get in touch with one of our expert traders who will be more than happy to assist you.

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