What is pairs trading?

Pairs Trading or Binary Options Pairs is a fascinating type of digital options. If you are new to binary options trading, Pairs Trading is a great way to start.

Unlike regular trading instruments, with Pairs Trading you need to predict the relative performance of two underlying assets, as opposed to the price direction of one asset. This significantly simplifies the trading process and profits are earned accordingly.

When trading pairs, you are basically choosing two different assets to “compete” against each other. Most traders who use this feature typically choose popular stocks such as Google Inc. vs. Apple Inc., or similar commodities, such as gold vs. silver, which are all well-known and therefore relatively easy to follow and compare.

Pairs trading are also referred as ‘Market Neutral’ as you can obtain a return on investment even when the market undergoes fluctuations.

BinaryBook offers various features to traders, bundled in several account types, in order to help them better utilize trading tools to maximize their profits.

Why trade pairs with BinaryBook?

  • Trade with a minimum investment amount of 25
  • High return on investment
  • Clean and intuitive trading platform layout
  • Expert trader’s assistance upon request

How to execute a pair option trade?

  • Select your desired asset over the trading platform
  • Choose an expiry time alongside your investment amount
  • Click on the Green icon if you think your chosen asset will outperform the other one and vice versa
  • Monitor your transactions in the ‘Open Positions’ Panel

Pair up with pairs trading?

To trade pairs with BinaryBook, simply login to your account and start transacting.

If you do not possess a BinaryBook account, register your details and get going!

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