What is binary options rollover feature?

binarybook rollover feature

The rollover feature is one of the most effective and useful trading tools available.

A rollover basically allows you to extend the expiry time of an opened position in situations where there is a high potential of reaching an expected strike price that has not yet been reached. Widely popular and commonly used by both experienced and novice traders, this
unique feature offers an excellent mean for protecting your investment.

For example, let’s say you buy a Put option worth $250 at 09:00AM on the currency pair USD/EUR, speculating that the strike price will expire
at 17:00PM below 0.736. Its current quote price is 0.785. At 16:30PM, half an hour before the expiry time, you notice the price is declining but has not yet crossed the strike price. In such a case, you can decide to extend the expiry time by a few hours by “Rolling over” and, by doing so, you can significantly increase your chance of winning.
Considering the fact that a Rollover costs only 30% of your initial investment – if used wisely – it’s a great way of boosting your Return on Investment potential!

For further information about how and when to use the Rollover feature, please contact one of our expert traders who will be more than happy to assist you. Besides, BinaryBook offers multiple features to traders based on the account types they choose.

Using the Rollover feature on BinaryBook

  • The Rollover feature is available on long-term trades and enables you to extend the expiry time for your specific transactions.
  • Basically, once you execute a transaction, you will notice an icon resembling a timer
  • The Rollover icon will be activated once your transaction is eligible to be prolonged.
  • Simply click on the icon to prolong your expiry time.
  • Monitor your results on the ‘Open Positions’ section.

Try the Rollover Feature!

Binary options rollover promises to be an exceptional ‘stop-loss’ tool and it can generate good return on investments.

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