U.S Labor Day – Platform Adjustments

Labour Day

On Monday, 5th of September 2016, the BinaryBook trading platform will not be offering its normal trading services on U.S based assets mainly stocks, and indices. All U.S Exchanges and trading floors will remain closed on that day because of the U.S Labor day holiday. BinaryBook’s trading platform however, will operate normally except of few platform adjustments.

Due to extreme low market volatility, the Turbo trading tool might not be available for trading or if available, the payouts will be altered. As such, market behaviours will dictate the trading products availability. These adjustments will persist until the normal course of market price is re-established.

The following assets and tool will also undergo alterations:

  • 1. Except for Oil, Gold, Gold/EUR and Silver, no other commodities will be available for trade. The available commodities, will however, be accessible until the close of the European session only
  • 2. The Ladder trading Tool will be available only until 15.00 GMT that day.

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