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Trade Stock Options with BinaryBook

Stock options trading is essentially speculating about a rise or fall in companies’ stocks over a predefined timeframe. BinaryBook offers a wide range of stocks such as Barclays, Volkswagen, BMW, Allianz SE, Microsoft and much more.

Stock trading usually gives traders more flexibility and opportunities to make money online. With the emergence of the binary options industry, trading stocks with BinaryBook does not require extensive knowledge nor experience in stock markets anymore.

    • Advantages of trading stocks options

As stated above, stock trading options give traders more flexibility and opportunities to make profits, but this is not the only advantage of trading stocks on BinaryBook. Furthermore, it is very simple to follow fundamentals for stocks; for example: If Apple is launching a successful product, it will push the Apple stock to the bulls, therefore being an opportunity to trade. In fact, you’ll understand that it comes down to a simple ‘’call’’ or ‘’put’’ option and that everything else is a simple combination of those two.

    • Trading Technologies

With the onset of sophisticated binary options trading platform, traders can transact technologies with stocks like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. Moreover, traders can maximize their profits by making the most out of BinaryBook’s daily market analysis.

    • How to trade stock options with BinaryBook?

BinaryBook provides traders with a simple and easy to use trading platform. Here’s a step by step guide on how to trade stock options on BinaryBook.

  1. Log in to your trading account
  2. Click on the “stocks” tab which is found just above the trading chart
  3. Select the stock you want to trade
  4. Set the amount you wish to trade
  5. Define the expiry time
  6. Click call or put according to your market analysis



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